The recruitment agent checks the applicant’s experience, references, criminal record and they will arrange the medical examinations so that the cruise line representative meets completely prepared people at the interview. While not all of the above jobs are available all of the time, Glance One Ship Management prefers to keeps a databank of eligible candidates for sending overseas at short notice.

The selection and joining process at Glance One typically comprises the following sequence:
• Advertisements in the national and local dailies, as well as in the hotel trade journals. We also advertise on our website for forthcoming interviews by our principals. 
• Receipt of online applications (our preferred option) or applications sent via email or post. 
• Pre employment medical check up with a government –accredited cleared for hired applicants 
• Thorough check on credentials with police authorities.
• After preliminary screening, suitable applicants are called for a face-to-face screening interview at the closest Glance One Ship Management office. At this point the candidates fill up the Glance One Registration form and submit supporting documents. 
• They then face an oral interview, which may sometimes be followed up by a written test. The result of the interview is usually communicated immediately; the results of the test may take a few days. 
• The successful candidates are informed that they have been placed on the priority waiting list for the next recruitment interviews; the unsuccessful candidates are usually asked to get a minimum of 6 months of relevant experience and to return thereafter for another interview, and are placed on the pending waiting list. 
• When it is time for the recruitment interviews conducted by senior management of cruise companies, the candidates are informed about the date, time and location of the interview. On selection, the terms of agreement are explained to candidates as also the subsequent formalities he will have to undertake before departure. 
• The candidate then has to complete his medical examinations as per the cruise companies’ requirements only from designated doctors and pathology laboratories approved by them. 
• The next step is to obtain his/her visa, which is the responsibility of the candidate. Glance One Ship Management provides all assistance by briefing the candidate about the visa requirements and process and the documentation required. 
• The candidate is not encouraged to resign from his current job till the visa has been received. 
• On receipt of the visa, the candidate is ready to depart on the due date, which is usually 2 days prior to the joining date. 
• For fresh recruits, Glance One Ship Management makes all airline reservations and arranges for air tickets out of Mumbai or Delhi at specially contracted rates for the type of ticket required, and keeps the employing company updated on the candidates travel schedule.