• All recruitments are strictly merit-based and there is no compromise on the selection process right from the beginning till the end of the contract or subsequent contracts. 
• The selection process is entirely transparent and conducted with the utmost regard to both the interest of the candidate as well as the reputation of the clients whom Glance One Marine represents. 
• Neither the company nor any of its employees accept any payments other than those explicitly stated. 


The most important is the selection of the crew.
We are professionals, experienced and active in screening and recruiting officers and ratings for merchant ships and Hotel and F & B crew for cruise vessels.
Potential candidates must not only pass our prescribed selection and evaluation procedures, but must be fit for various requirements and standards of the principals also.

At our disposal is a pool of experienced and qualified officers and ratings for merchant ships.

Responsible and reliable Hotel and F & B crew who have proved themselves to be a team of seasoned professionals, competent and dependable to serve on board the vessels.